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I woke up before the dawn
I couldn’t understand what’s going on, my head was speaking
In the squeaky tone. I took the phone
But there wasn’t any buzzer and I had no other

I remember the rolls of thunder, the pterodactyls which were flickering down and up
I saw them over, I saw them under. I took the bottle of tequila but I couldn’t make a sup

   Something strange from the outside
   Frightened me with the panic light
   Silly eyes and horrific nose
   What was that – nobody knows

And after that I tried to leave
I cried as loud as I could, two men appeared around
And we had a tiff. They didn’t believe,
They gave me a strait-jacket and I had to take it

I remember they were boring, they were as gloomy as the politics of Ukraine
They didn’t pity and even worry. And you’re the only one who knows what was going in my brain


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