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  Sweet insatiable piranha,
  Leave me a bone, leave me a bone, leave me a bone!
  Scary, frightnening but funny,
  I’ve got a friend, now I’m not alone!
Don’t worry, she is modest,                                                
She holds in high respect your right to wish.                    
Just come closer, let’s try to contest                           
The stereotypes about my little fish.                             

No one has even thought about her deep internal world    
About her naives and crystal dreams.                                   
Look at her dorsal fin and make sure you’ll catch everything -       
Lovely nice piranha is my best team!                                    


Teeth sharpened like a razor,
Spiteful and flattened out face.
Uninitiated thoughts she’s an aggressor,
But she’s a living picture of a grace.

My wonderful piranha, I’m so glad that I have found you
In troubled waters of my boring fate.
That was a hard solution that created some confusions
But we’ve made a step on this razor blade


   You realy deserve                             
   Living in the better accommodation 
   Your verve is what I love    

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