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No No No
I am an unbelievable girl     
I’m a best girl ever   
I’ve got wonderful eyes
I’m pretty and nice
And amazingly clever             

I have a breathtaking job
Despite I work so intensive
I just sit in a room
Chating and playing Doom
Why do I cost expensive?

   No, no, no                               
   I don’t wanna know
   ‘Bout the wars,
   ‘Bout the laws,
   ‘Bout the power of blame
   I prefer listening Muse             
   To wathcing topical news      
   And fuck off the problem        
   I don’t have time for them

   No, no, no
   I’ve got a creative soul
   My love is a love
   I think it’s enough
   To stay self-sufficient
   No doubt, no tears
   And the purpose appears
   And everything is in the field of my vision  


        The world is perfect and delightfully light                       
        Yes it is flooded with the light, just look around             
        I can’t  explain it but I feel I’m right                               
        I’m in an endless flight above the ground                      

I have a remarkable cat
My cat is really splendid
It likes rock’n’roll tunes
Adores watching cartoons
I will never offend it

I’ve got outstanding friends
My friends are realy crazy
They can never stay quite
They are loud and pied
Absolutley amazing

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