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Summer festival season under way
Krayina Mriy (Country of Dreams) festival will bring lots of ethnic-themed fun to Kyiv’s Spivoche Pole, on July 10-11. (Konstantin Klimenko)

Summer festival season under way

Yesterday at 22:58 | Alexandra Matoshko
Summer is on, and it’s time for holidays. The festival season is starting and trips are being planned. Here are some of the summer festivals you might want to check out to enjoy live music, dancing, arts and games. Apart from the two events that are taking place in Kyiv, these festivals will take you to some of the most exciting, picturesque spots in the country.

U.Rok – June 26-28
Founded in 2005, U.Rok (urok.org.ua) festival is held on Limansky beach in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky area, which is just a 30-40-minute ride from Odesa. Rock music is the main theme, although other musical styles are welcome. The lineup consists of 36 bands, including: WashingTones and W.H.I.T.E. from Kyiv, INself from Zaporizhya, Radiowaves, Pozhezhny Kran and Tsyrk from Odesa, as well as La Skarnemurta from Italy and KamikaDze-TR from Estonia.

Apart from the concerts, the festival guests may attend night screenings of short films, an exhibition of marine-themed crafts, photography master-classes, an art gallery, and a fire show. DJ sets to be played day and night. A tent city will be set up for those arriving with their own tents. To get to the festival site, you may take bus No. 560 from Odessa train station to Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky and get off at the Lymanska stop. Or take a bus from Odesa-Privoz market to Zatoka station.

Check timetables here http://www.ta-odessa.com/info/raspisanie/bus_zatoka.shtml.


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