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About band

WashingTones band was created in Kiev, 2008. All the members of the band have played more than 100 concerts in the clubs and at the open-air stages all over Ukraine – from Lviv to Harkyv and from Kiev to Evpatoria.

We’re young and ambitious. We do all our best to give to the audience all the drive and positive energy – on the concerts and from the headphones and music systems.

As the WashingTones band we have:
- created viral-video on “Dr. House” song, which, thanks to YouTube, has reached more than 100 000 views from more then 70% countries of the world at the first half of the year. Besides, has reached TOP3 “Most discussed video of the day” according to Yandex’s research;
- become the winners of «Bochka Jackpot» festival in Kiev (Nov 2010 - Mar 2011, among jurymen – Miroslav Kuvaldin, Sonya Sotnik, Sergey Pidkaura, Boris Tarshis, Anna Dobrydneva, etc.);
- taken part in “Chernigivske-Rocks Lviv 2009” (Lviv), “Rock Wave 2009” (Evpatoria), “U.Rock 2010" (Odessa reg.), “Slavske Rock 2010"
, "Vyo Kobelyaki 2011" (Poltava reg.), "
Slavske Rock 2011", "Mlynomania 2011";
- broken into the TOP16 Djuice Misic Drive 2009 leaving more then 900 Ukrainian bands behind, and took part in the tour all over Ukraine with the famous Ukrainian band – TNMK;
- given interviews to MTV Ukraine and STB channels, music magazine “Kanapka”, popular rock-portals music.com.ua and rock.kiev.ua, and taken part in Dmitriy Vydrin's live radio program on ERA FM.
- been mentioned in more than 500 Livejournal, Twitter, Daily.ru, Liveinternet posts and other blog- and video-services;
- played at the same stage with such musicians as: Oleg Skrypka, TNMK, Aria, Vopli Vidoplyasova, SKAY, Haydamaky, Rolliks, Numer482, and others;

We’re open for communication and cooperation with producers, recording companies, concert managers, journalists, and just interesting people.  

Official site - http://washingtones.com.ua.

WashingTones members: (in alphabetical order, personal pages are in Russian):

Sergey Anisenko
Nikita Zaharchenko
    guitar (now he's our representative in Moscow, we hope not for long:))
Olga Kruchkova
Alexander Tregub
Konstantin Tregub
Dmitriy Shvedun


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